After the christmas holidays, many of the channels available on television have changed their line ups. Before the holidays I got to watch Stargate SG1 in the mornings. That’s been changed to Andromedia, a different sci-fi show featuring Kevin Sorbo as the main character.

This new show doesn’t even come close to Stargate SG1, not many shows do. I’ve tried my hardest to give this show a shot but its just so terrible. It’s hard to pay attention to anything going on and the characters are all jerks.

Kevin Sorbo and his team of people just randomly do things to try and bring back the “commonwealth.”

His ship is an artificially intelligent ally. The ship has a holographic “avatar” that looks human.

What kind of sci-fi weapons do they have? There are these weird lances that shoot lasers.

It could be cool but so far I’m wondering how it managed to get itself five seasons.